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No one is too old to appreciate a hearty magic act. The beauty of magic is that, despite the fact that we know we are being tricked, we so desperately want to believe in the impossible.

For adults, magic is a portal to our childhood innocence when we still believed in a magician’s ability to pull a rabbit out of a hat. For kids, magic is a mysterious new phenomenon that challenges their senses of reality. It stimulates imagination and encourages adolescents to constantly question their assumptions and surroundings.

No crowd is too young or too small to enjoy extravagant magic shows. From simple sleight of hand to mind-boggling card tricks and disappearing acts, we put 100% into each performance. The wide-eyed look of perplexity is our lifeblood; we feed off blowing the minds of our audience.

Concerned parents need not worry about their young ones trying to reproduce dangerous acts. Our tricks are completely innocuous and do not involve fire or people being sawed in half. We only showcase wholesome fun for the whole family.

To better immerse our crowd in our magic tricks, a magician entertainer will often ask for participants from the audience. Being part of the illusion has a dramatic impact on the crowd’s likelihood of believing the illusion. We do not use participation to embarrass or mock anyone, but to invite an individual to literally be part of the magic. When children witness first-hand that things are not always what they seem, they experience an odd sense of confusion and mystery that plays upon their natural curiosity.

Approach us immediately if you need to bring some much-needed charm to your celebrations. We even put on performances for day cares! Have a laugh, do a double-take, and gaze in bewilderment at a worldly illusionist.

Come to Golly Jolly Entertainment to book an impeccable magician in Irving, TX.

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