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Make-believe is an important part of every child's life. We bring imagination to life with our whimsical puppets and silly voices. Our interactive puppetry brings laughter and joy to grown-ups and youngsters alike! We do our best to dress our puppets for the theme of your special day and they will even join in on the dancing and fun!

There are many different types of puppeteers. We specialize in hand puppetry and marionettes. Younger children will get a kick out of our hilarious puppetry routines and the whole party will marvel at the intricate movements of our stringed marionettes. We can make our puppets dance, talk, skate and even comb your hair! Seeing these curious creatures function without any visible means of manipulation brings a sense of wonder and amazement to our young viewers. Unlike watching television or playing video games, these magical beings exist in the real world.

Another fan favorite is our uproarious ventriloquist routine. A combination of puppetry and misdirection, children will truly come to believe that our puppet friends are living, talking individuals there to celebrate their special day. Seeing the crowd try to guess and deduce exactly how this puppet seems to vocalize on his own is deeply rewarding to a puppet performer. Even adults share feelings of wonder and befuddlement when observing our professional puppeteer entertainer at work.

If you are a stressed parent seeking a simple solution to your tyke’s birthday party, look no further than Golly Jolly Entertainment. Skip messy petting zoos and dangerous bounce houses; opt for a wholesome puppeteer from Irving, TX.

During the holidays, we perform our acts as Mrs. Claus!

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