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Being a children’s entertainer is not a job, but a calling. Working with any adolescent requires the utmost patience, a sympathetic sense of humor, and unbridled vigor. When you hire performers from Golly Jolly Entertainment, you receive all of that and so much more. As experienced entertainers, we have had our share of tough acts and tough crowds. A group of rambunctious youngsters can be a truly harsh mob, and they will never hesitate to let us know if we are bombing. But as they say, “The show must go on.”

Unlike inexperienced performers, we know how to think on our feet and adapt to crowd reactions. If we notice that some part of our show is not holding the attention of our viewers, we have no qualms about improvising and feeding off of the crowd’s energy.

Though we feature dazzling puppet shows and mind-blowing magic acts, what makes us truly unique is our steadfast dedication to putting on an awesome show. When every single kid is smiling, laughing, and clapping, we know that we have done our jobs to absolute perfection.

Make no mistake—while our services are largely geared towards a younger crowd, our vivacious staff is happy to perform at adult parties and business functions. Just because you are all grown up does not mean you have lost your sense of wonder and enchantment. Reach out to Golly Jolly Entertainment in Irving, TX, and celebrate life with hilarious exhibitions. Let’s have fun, fun, fun!

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